Top Funny jokes for Whatsapp Part 6

  1. Hips Are SleepingOnce Two Persons Were Sitting In A Meeting.
    1st Said: “This Meeting Is So Boring Even My Hips Are Sleeping”
    2nd Said: “Ya I’ve Heard Them Snoring Three Times“
  2. She Is In TroubleUniversal Truth:
    Help A Girl When She Is In Trouble,
    She Will Surely Remember You,
    Only When…
    She Is Again In Trouble.
  3. Break That Into 2 Pieces Teacher: “Who Created The Earth?”
    (Boy Pokes A Girl’s Back With A Pen)
    Girl: “Oh God!”
    Teacher: “Good Girl. Correct Answer”
    Teacher Again Asked: “Who Was Born On 25 Dec?”
    (Boy Again Pokes The Girls Back)
    Girl: “Oh Jesus!”
    Teacher: “Very Good. Correct Answer”
    Teacher Again Asked: “What Did Eve Tell To Adam When They Had Their 17th Baby?”
    (Boy Pokes On Girl’s Back Again)
    Girl: “If You Don’t Stop Inserting That Thing In Me Now. I’ll Break That Into 2 Pieces And Just Put It Into Your Nostrils.”
    Teacher Fainted!!
  4. Definition Of Circulated MotionTeacher To Student: “What Is Hyper Active Possessive Definition Of Circulated Motion”
    Student: “Zimbalakadi Takada Bamba Huchalu”
    Teacher: “I Did Not Understand What You Said”
    Student: “Same Here, Mam“
  5. Clearly Misunderstood.Question: “What Is The Oxymoron?”
    Answer: “An Oxymoron Is Defined As A Phrase In Which Two Words Of Opposite Meanings Are Brought Together”
    Here Are Some Funny Oxymorons :
    Exact Estimate.
    Clearly Misunderstood.
    Small Crowd.
    Fully Empty.
    Act Naturally.
    Found Missing.
    Only Choice
    Pretty Ugly.
    Seriously Funny.
    Original Copies…
    And The Mother Of All
    Happily Married !
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