TIK TOK banned in India - Removed from Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Access to the highly popular video app 'TikTok' has been blocked by Google in India to prohibit its downloads in order to comply with a state court's directive.This move of court in southern Tamil Nadu state puts Tik Tok's  future in doubt in one of its key markets .

As per media reports on April 3 The state court had asked the federal government to ban TikTok saying it made child users vulnerable to sexual predators and encouraged pornography.

As a result of this you will not be able to download Tik Tok from google play store or apple app store in india .

How to download Tik Tok After the ban in india ?

As you know App Store and Play Store have banned the app, but you can still download the tik tok app from third-party websites on Android. You can also download the APK file of the tik tok app from a number of  websites and install it on your device.

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