Sidhu Moosewala On Billboard : Latest Song ‘Watch Out’ Smashes Canadian Charts

Sdhu Moosewala On Billboard
Sdhu Moosewala On Billboard

Sidhu Moosewala On Billboard : Yo, check it! Sidhu Moosewala’s latest song, “Watch Out,” just hit the 33rd spot on the Canadian Billboard list, man! Released on Diwali, it’s the fifth song we’ve gotten from him since he left us in May 2022.

This track is insane – 1.86 crore views on YouTube in just nine days? That’s wild! “Watch Out” is blowing up, proving that Moosewala’s still ruling the music scene even after he’s gone. He was a legend, and this just adds another chapter to his story.

Sdhu Moosewala On Billboard
watch out : Sdhu Moosewala On Billboard

Dude, it dropped on Diwali, making it even more special. Moosewala’s vibe and voice are just something else, you know? It’s crazy how his music is hitting the 33rd spot on the Canadian Billboard. Shows how much people across the globe are feeling his stuff.

Since he passed, we’ve been getting these posthumous releases, and each one hits right in the feels. “Watch Out” is no different – it’s like he’s still here, dropping bangers that everyone’s vibing to.

Choosing Diwali for the drop was a genius move. Millions celebrate that worldwide, and Moosewala’s music just connects with everyone, no matter where you’re from.

Watch Out Song

Sidhu Moosewala’s legacy is massive, man. “Watch Out” climbing the Canadian Billboard just proves it. Even though he’s gone, his music keeps touching hearts and making waves. The fanbase is going crazy on socials, showing love and pride for our guy.

As we ride this posthumous wave, “Watch Out” is a reminder of Moosewala’s genius. The Canadian Billboard recognition? It’s like he’s still here, making history. Moosewala’s impact is gonna stick around for ages, no doubt about it.For more sidhu moosewala latest news keep checking Cineleton .

How many times sidhu moosewala on billboard

Let’s rewind a bit. Sidhu, our dude from India, took his talents to Ontario, Canada, after finishing up college. His first jam, “G-Wagon,” back in 2017 didn’t quite hit the Billboard charts, but oh boy, did things change real quick.

Fast forward to 2018, Moose Wala dropped his debut album ‘PBX 1,’ peaking at No. 66 on the Billboard Canadian Albums chart. And get this – he became the FIRST Punjabi artist to smash into the Billboard Global 200 Chart with “295,” hitting a peak at 154! That’s history in the making right there.

Back home in India, “295” was rocking the top spot on the India Songs Billboard chart. Can we talk about how Sidhu’s music just speaks to us on another level?

But wait, there’s more! Our man was dominating the Billboard Canadian Hot 100 like a boss. “Levels” hit 32, “The Last Ride” at 25, and “Mera Na” at a whopping 14! Talk about representing!

And it’s not just singles, fam. His albums were climbing charts too – ‘Moosetape’ at 65, ‘No Name (EP)’ at 50, and ‘PBX 1’ at 66 on the Billboard Canadian Albums chart.

Now, let’s talk social media. Sidhu wasn’t just making waves in the music scene; he was killing it on the Top Triller Global chart. “Bitch I’m Back,” “Moosedrilla,” and “Brown Shortie” were holding it down in the top spots. 🎥💥

Even across the pond in the UK, Sidhu made his mark on The Official UK Singles Chart with “47” hitting 17! That’s some international love right there.

Sidhu Moosewala Billboard charts all songs list

Billboard Global 200 Chart
Song NamePeak Position
Billboard Global Excl. US Chart
Song NamePeak Position
The Last Ride103
Mera Naa102
Billboard Canadian Hot 100 Charts
Song NamePeak Position
The Last Ride25
Never Fold92
Mera Na14
Bitch I’m Back81
Brown Shortie80
Watch Out33
Billboard Canadian Albums Chart
Album NamePeak Position
No Name (EP)50
PBX 166
INDIA SONGS Billboard Charts
Song NamePeak Position
The Last Ride1
Never Fold22
Mera Na1
Watch Out4
Dear Mama12
Song NamePeak Position
Bitch I’m Back1
These Days13
Brown Shortie7
Song NamePeak Position

It’s crazy to think how Moose Wala’s music is still touching souls and breaking records. He might not be with us, but his legacy? It’s living on, louder than ever. 🙌🎶

So, here’s to Sidhu Moose Wala, the trailblazer who made history, and to us, the fans who keep his spirit alive every time we blast his tracks. Let’s keep the Moose Wala legacy alive!
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