Model Mom: Monica Kadbury’s Journey from Pregnancy to Positivity on the Catwalk

Model Monica Kadbury Interview
Model Monica Kadbury Interview

Monica Kadbury, a Toronto native raised in Muskoka, discovered modeling through social media during her pregnancy, embracing positive body images. Inspired by photographer Rey Edralin, she finds beauty in feeling free and comfortable in her own skin. Supported by her daughter and Rey, Monica advises models to be kind to themselves. Outdoors, candles, and good music help her relax, while her eyes draw compliments. With Kiwi roots, British citizenship, and a solo journey through Bali, Thailand, and Vietnam, Monica dreams of a secure, happy home and aims to return to her roots for a photoshoot. Constantly learning, she faces change with confidence.Here we are presenting her exclusive interview

Monica Kadbury Exclusive Interview

Where are you from, and how would you describe your life growing up?

I was born in Toronto but grew up in the country outside of the city in Muskoka. Growing up I spent most of my time outdoors. There wasn’t much around so had to find outdoor activities in all seasons, from swimming at the lake to snowmobiling. 

How did you find your way in front of a camera, modeling?

I found myself modelling in front of a camera by social media. During my pregnancy, I really learned to appreciate a woman’s body and see how powerful all women are. I learned to appreciate women around me and those in the media who support positive body images. I wanted to participate in this movement and feel good about myself and help other women feel good about themselves as well. 

I researched photographers in Toronto and found Rey Edralin. I was blown away by his artistic photos, words, and view of beauty through his work, so I contacted him and here we are. 

What do you like best about being a model? 

What I like best about modeling is how the effects of feeling free, and comfortable in your own skin can be beautiful and powerful. It truly is hard work and a complete learning experience. It brings happiness to my life and connects to me to new people who inspire each other. 

Where do you get your support?  What or who inspires you?

I get my support from my daughter and my photographer, Rey. Both of them inspire me in different ways. My daughter is my motivation to provide a safe and happy home and future and Rey inspires me by giving opportunities and being a teacher and a friend. 

What do you think is the most challenging thing about modeling and what advice would you give to new models?

The most challenging thing about modelling is learning to not be too critical of yourself. Woman tend to be their own biggest critic and focus on their flaws but to someone else, those “flaws” might be their best feature. I think any advice I could give is just to be kind to yourself and kind to others, especially other women. We can learn a lot from each other instead of comparing each other. 

What is your favorite way to relax?  What do you do for fun?

My favorite way to relax is being outdoors. I love the sunshine and fresh air. I also love to relax with nice candles, comfy clothes, and good music. 

I work out when I can usually focusing on my upper body one day and my lower body the next time. I used to put a lot of pressure on myself to be at the gym 5x a week. Now instead of pressuring myself and each specific muscle group, I learned to use the gym as an outlet to enjoy and appreciate movement and do whatever feels good. I would just recommend that all movement is good movement, don’t force yourself, and let your workout be positive for your body and mind. 

What would you consider your strongest attribute?  What do guys compliment you most on?

I think the strongest attribute that I hear a lot from guys is my eyes. They do change from bright blue to grey to green depending on what I am wearing or lighting. 

Anything about your heritage, ethnicity, or nationality that you feel people would like to know?

My Dad is from New Zealand. I spent a few years with my family between NZ and Australia. I feel a strong connection to those countries and the ocean. 

I have my British citizenship and have been to England and Spain. I hope one day to return to all of these countries to visit and maybe have a photoshoot hopefully!

Please share something about yourself that may surprise others.  What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?

The most adventurous thing I have ever done is probably traveling to Bali, Thailand and Vietnam by myself when I was in my 20s. I just had a desire to explore and live a period of time with no agenda, and appreciating new cultures. 

What are your dreams and goals and ambitions?

My dreams, goals and ambitions now are one day to buy a house. Live comfortable, safe, and happy with my child, and be proud that I didn’t give up. 

If you were in a magical machine that could transport you to any place and time imaginable, where would you love to be?  Why?

If I had a magical machine to transport me to any place, would most definitely be to New Zealand but at the current time with my daughter, so she can see where her family came from and meet her cousins. 

What’s one thing about yourself that everyone should know?

One thing about myself that people should know is that I never stop learning and that doors open and close in life, and I used to be scared of change, but now I greet change with confidence. 

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