Lacey Sullivan’s Inspiring Rise from a Single Mother Household to Successful Modeling

Model Lacey Sullivan Interview
Model Lacey Sullivan Interview

Lacey Sullivan, hailing from Anadarko, Oklahoma, reflects her small-town roots and free-spirited upbringing. Beginning her modeling journey at 17, she found herself in front of the camera after a magazine offer. Besides modeling, family holds the utmost importance, with her son inspiring resilience. Overcoming online negativity, Lacey advises aspiring models to stay strong and focus on the positive. Her love for family outings, painting, and music defines her way of relaxation. Lacey’s self-love mantra involves staying active and hydrated. Despite her shorter stature, she flaunts her distinctive attribute—her admired posterior. As a mixed chick with no strict religious upbringing, Lacey surprises with her adventurous past, touring with a California music artist.Here we are presenting her exclusive interview .

Lacey Sullivan Exclusive Interview

Where are you from, and how would you describe your life growing up?

I’m born and raised in anadarko Oklahoma a very small town mainly country. I was raised in a single mother household very free spirit growing up started modeling at the age of 17. You would call me a typical Oklahoma country girl.

How did you find your way in front of a camera, modeling?

I was working at a lowrider upholstery shop when I was 18 and I got my 1st magazine offer for lowrider and bike in the Oklahoma gazette (a small local newspaper magazine) & every since then I’ve enjoyed being behind the camera.

What do you like best about being a model? 

Just being able to be confident beautiful and free.

Besides modeling what is the most important thing in your life?  Do you have any unusual talents?

I’m a family person so my son and family is always most important my special talent would be I can belly dance

Where do you get your support?  What or who inspires you? 

My son inspires me to keep moving forward everyday that no matter reheat life throws at you always get back up and keep pushing.

What do you think is the most challenging thing about modeling and what advice would you give to new models?

My most challenging thing would be the negativity that can sometimes come with it online but when your in this industry you gotta be strong and ignore the negative and focus on all the positive.

What is your favorite way to relax?  What do you do for fun?

I enjoy family outings as well as my nights out with some cold margaritas with friends and family. I enjoy music & painting it puts my mind at peace and ease.

You look amazing.  What do you recommend for those wanting to keep in shape?

Stay active drink plenty of water and the key to happiness within yourself is self love first.

What would you consider your strongest attribute?  What do guys compliment you most on?

Probably my butt I’m a shorter model so my but stands out more and guys seem to love it as well as me it’s my biggest flaunt in my shoots lol

Anything about your heritage, ethnicity, or nationality that you feel people would like to know?

Honestly growing up with a single mother I wasn’t strictly raised into a religion. I’m a mixed chick

Please share something about yourself that may surprise others.  What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?

Went on tour with a California music artist by the name of Capone e many years ago modeling had an amazing adventure meeting new people creating memories for a lifetime. PARTYING lol

What are your dreams and goals and ambitions?

My dream is to make it in as many magazines as I can with my modeling journey. My goals are focused on my beauty/massage career as well as my modeling career to grow successfully from here.

If you were in a magical machine that could transport you to any place and time imaginable, where would you love to be?  Why?

Bora bora on the island enjoying the beautiful sun with a cold margarita in my hand & a handsome man next to me while my kid plays in the sand 🙂

Are you a naughty girl, or a nice girl 😉 ?

Depends on the time & day 😉 I’m 50/50 lol

What’s one thing about yourself that everyone should know?

I have the biggest most sweetest heart don’t let the pictures fool you. But I also have a bad temper that can easily be triggered to

What does being published mean to you?

It means so much to be accepted and published and I’m forever grateful for new opportunities:)

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