Guthlee Ladoo Ott Release Date : Sanjay Mishra Starrer to release on this platform

Guthlee Ladoo ott relase date Sanjay Mishra,Subrat Dutta,Kalyanee Mulay
Guthlee Ladoo

Guthlee Ladoo Ott Release Date : Excitement is building among movie buffs as the much-anticipated drama film, “Guthlee Ladoo,” gears up for its OTT release on January 7, 2024. Starring powerhouse performers like Sanjay Mishra, Subrat Dutta, and Kalyanee Mulay, the film explores the challenges faced by underprivileged students through the lens of a school principal. The plot promises a gripping narrative that sheds light on educational obstacles, making it a must-watch for those seeking a thought-provoking cinematic experience.

Sanjay Mishra, a versatile actor celebrated for his contributions to Hindi cinema, takes on the lead role. With a Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actor under his belt for films like “Ankhon Dekhi” and “Vadh,” Mishra’s prowess in both drama and comedy genres is set to captivate audiences once again. An alumnus of the National School of Drama, Mishra’s career spans over two decades, establishing him as a prominent figure in the industry.

Guthlee Ladoo Trailer

Directed by Ishrat R. Khan, the film boasts a stellar cast and crew, including a compelling story by Srinivas Abrol and a screenplay by Ganesh Pandit. Produced by Pradeep Rangwani and released by Panorama Studios, “Guthlee Ladoo” hit theaters on October 13, 2023, leaving an indelible mark on the Indian box office with a net collection of approximately ₹0.97 crore.

As the buzz around the movie continues to grow, fans are eagerly awaiting the “Guthlee Ladoo OTT release date.” According to sources, the film will be releasing on January 7, 2024 on Amazon prime video.

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With a budget of ₹5-6 crore and an IMDb rating of 7.4 out of 10, “Guthlee Ladoo” promises to be a cinematic treat for audiences across the globe. As the film prepares to take a bite out of the digital streaming market, fans can’t wait to savor the sweetness of “Guthlee Ladoo” from the comfort of their homes. Stay tuned for more updates on the “Guthlee Ladoo ” and get ready for a cinematic journey that’s bound to leave a lasting impression.

Guthlee Ladoo ott release date Sanjay Mishra,Subrat Dutta,Kalyanee Mulay
Guthlee Ladoo ott relase date Sanjay Mishra,Subrat Dutta,Kalyanee Mulay


“Guthlee Ladoo,” a Hindi drama film, graced the silver screen with a compelling narrative that aimed to shed light on the educational challenges faced by the underprivileged. The film, directed by a talented team, weaves a story around a school principal portrayed by the seasoned actor Sanjay Mishra. With a cast that includes Subrat Dutta and Kalyanee Mulay, the film explores the complexities of the education system and the hurdles encountered by those less fortunate.

Set against the backdrop of a school, “Guthlee Ladoo” takes audiences on a poignant journey, delving into the struggles of the underprivileged in their pursuit of education. Sanjay Mishra’s stellar performance adds depth to the character, bringing to life the challenges faced by the protagonist in navigating a system that often neglects the needs of the less privileged.

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Despite its noble intentions and strong performances, “Guthlee Ladoo” found itself labeled as an average performer at the box office. While the film resonated with audiences who appreciated its social message and impactful storytelling, it faced tough competition and failed to achieve blockbuster status.

Guthlee Ladoo stands as a commendable effort to address social issues through the medium of cinema. Although it may not have set the box office on fire, its contribution to raising awareness about the struggles of the underprivileged in the education system should not be overlooked.

Guthlee Ladoo ott relase date Sanjay Mishra,Subrat Dutta,Kalyanee Mulay
Guthlee Ladoo

Box Office

“Guthlee Ladoo” emerges as a modest success, navigating the cinematic landscape with a budget of ₹5-6 crore. Despite a relatively lean financial backing, the film has captured audience attention, achieving an India net box office collection of ₹0.97 crore. The IMDb review rating of 7.7 out of 10 further solidifies its impact, reflecting positive audience sentiment. While the box office numbers may not soar to astronomical heights, the film’s ability to resonate with viewers and garner critical acclaim positions it as a noteworthy success. “Guthlee Ladoo” proves that a compelling narrative can triumph, even within the constraints of a tight budget.

Guthlee Ladoo Ott Release Date,Ott Platform,Cast,Box Office Collection and more

Movie NameGuthlee Ladoo
PlotA school principal who highlights the educational obstacles encountered by the underprivileged.
CastSanjay Mishra, Subrat Dutta, Kalyanee Mulay
Directed byIshrat R. Khan
Story bySrinivas Abrol
ScreenplayGanesh Pandit
Produced byPradeep Rangwani
Released byPanorama Studios
Trailer Release DateSep 19, 2023
Theatrical Release Date13th October 2023
OTT Release DateJanuary 7, 2024
OTT PlatformAmazon Prime Video
Budget₹ 5-6 crore Approx
India Net Box Office Collection₹ 0.97 Cr approx
IMDb Rating7.4 out of 10

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