Windsor’s Hidden Gem Nikki Skye’s Wild Past and Fearless Future

Model Nikki Skye Interview
Model Nikki Skye Interview

Nikki Skye, from Windsor, Ontario, fell in love with modeling by making a calendar for boyfriend. Despite a tough childhood, she finds joy in expressing herself in front of the camera. Her family supports her through mental health struggles, and she has a unique talent of being double-jointed. Inspired by fearless content creators, Nikki advises new models to embrace their uniqueness. For fun, she enjoys outdoor activities and reading spicy books. Nikki’s fitness tips include homemade meals, walks, and daily workouts. Her dream is to be financially free and have a ranch to rescue animals. Nikki, half Italian and half Scottish, surprises others with her cadet background. She’s shy at first but shows her crazy side to close friends.Here we are presenting Exclusive Interview with her

Nikki Skye Exclusive Interview

Where are you from, and how would you describe your life growing up? 

I’m born and raised in Canada. I had an average upbringing with a rough childhood.

How did you find your way in front of a camera, modeling?

I created a calendar for my boyfriend at the time and fell in love with modeling and being in front of the camera ever since.

What do you like best about being a model?  

Being able to express myself freely and feeling more beautiful and more confident.

Besides modeling, what is the most important thing in your life?  Do you have any unusual talents?

My family is the most important thing in my life. I struggle a lot with my mental health, so my family is always there for me and my biggest supporters.
My unusual talent is that I’m double jointed and can sit on my head. I know it sounds weird but think of a contortionist, that’s me!

We all need support in life.  Where do you get your support?  What or who inspires you? 

I get my support from friends and family. There are a few content creators who inspire me that I look up to because they don’t care what anyone says and they express themselves how they want to, and that’s exactly what inspires me.

What do you think is the most challenging thing about modeling and what advice would you give to new models?

I would have to say that the most challenging thing about modeling would have to be not comparing yourself to other models. There are thousands of models all over the world, it’s good to be different. Remember every body is different and that is okay.

What is your favorite way to relax?  What do you do for fun?

My favourite way to relax is taking a toke followed by a lavender bubble bath and a face mask while reading a good SPICY book!

For fun I like doing anything outdoors, playing with my animals, rollerblading, longboarding, biking, hanging out with friends, anything but being inside.

You look amazing.  What do you recommend for those wanting to keep in shape?

DO NOT eat fast food. Eat 3 homemade meals a day with little snacks in between. 2-3 walks a day with my dogs, 30 min workouts a day at home.

What would you consider your strongest attribute?  What do guys compliment you most on?

I would have to say my strongest attributes would have to be my big blue eyes and my hips are. I always get guys complimenting on how full and juicy my hips are.

Anything about your heritage, ethnicity, or nationality that you feel people would like to know?

I am half Italian and half scottish.

Please share something about yourself that may surprise others.  What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?

In highschool, my parents signed me up for Cadets. I was hesitant at first but ended up loving it. I ranked up quickly and when I finally left cadets I was ranked a Sergeant. I was also awarded best top shot for having near perfect aim while shooting. Better not get on my bad side 😉

What are your dreams and goals and ambitions?

My overall dream and goal in life is to be financially free and have a huge ranch where I can save unwanted and abandoned animals that don’t have homes. I want to save animals and maybe have a zoo at the same time!

What’s one thing about yourself that everyone should know? 

I’m shy at first but once I’m comfortable around you, you’ll get to see my crazy side 😉

What does being published on mean to you?

It’s a huge honor to be published and featured on . When I first started modeling and even when I was younger, I never thought that I would be published. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

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