Mandy Harvick: Long Beach Model and Mental Health Advocate Making Waves in Modeling and Advocacy!

Model Mandy Harvick Interview
Model Mandy Harvick Interview

Mandy Harvick, aka Miss Mandy Jill, from Long Beach, California, opens up about her unique journey into modeling, guided by her late father’s support. Founder of #survivors_strength, a mental health and domestic violence advocacy non-profit, Mandy draws inspiration from God, herself, and her father’s legacy. Reflecting on the challenges of self-criticism in modeling, she advises embracing inner beauty. Her relaxation involves sunset-watching, and she recommends a healthy diet for staying in shape. Mandy, complimented on her eyes and wit, surprises with her love for learning and Native American heritage. Her dreams include helping others and earning a master’s degree. Here we are presenting her exclusive interview

Mandy Harvick exclusive interview

Where are you from, and how would you describe your life growing up?

I am from Long Beach, California. My life growing up was different as my parents both passed away when i was 17. Although our time together was cut short, i cherished every moment.

How did you find your way in front of a camera, modeling?   

I found my way in front of the camera when my dad took me to my first audition.

What do you like best about being a model?

What I like best about being a model is seeing myself through other eyes.

Besides modeling what is the most important thing in your life?  Do you have any unusual talents?

The most important thing in my life is that I stand by my morals, values, and always strive to be the best version of me.

I do not have any unusual talents. At Least not that I know of yet, lol.

We all need support in life.  Where do you get your support?  What or who inspires you?

My support comes first from God, myself, and the people I love. #survivors_strength is a non profit I founded to advocate for mental health support and domestic violence survivors. With nearly 50 members all over the world, they have become a huge part of my support system.The person who inspires me most is my father. He was a true gentleman, honest, loving and loyal. I can only hope to make him proud.

What do you think is the most challenging thing about modeling and what advice would you give to new models?

I believe the most challenging thing in modeling is the way we can negatively criticize ourselves. Advise I would give to new models would be always to remember your true beauty comes from within, and never allow anyone or anything to take that away.

What is your favorite way to relax? What do you do for fun?

My favorite way to relax is to go sit and watch the sunset. Its the most calming and peaceful time of the day. What I like to do for fun is go to the beach and collect seashells.

You look amazing. What do you recommend for those wanting to keep in shape?

I would recommend eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

What would you consider your strongest attribute? What do guys compliment you most on?

I would consider my strongest attribute to be my willpower. Without it I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have thus far, and what I will achieve in the future.

Guys compliment me most on my eyes and smart mouth.

Anything about your heritage, ethnicity, or nationality that you feel people would like to know?

I feel people may like to know that I am Native American.

Please share something about yourself that may surprise others. What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?

Something about me that may surprise others is that I love to learn. I am currently taking 7 courses in college.

What are your dreams and goals and ambitions?

One of my dreams was to help others to know that they are loved, valued, and never alone. I started survivors_strength for that purpose. One goal of mine is to graduate from college with my masters degree.

If you were in a magical machine that could transport you to any place and time imaginable, where would you love to be?  Why?

I would love to be at the Kilauea Lighthouse with my family and my father.

Please share a guilty pleasure with us. Your naughtiest fantasy?

A guilty pleasure I have is that I LOVE MY CHOCOLATE 24/7, 365 a year.

My naughtiest fantasy would be my partner caressing every inch of me while telling me what he would like me to do to him.

What’s one thing about yourself that everyone should know?

One thing about me that everyone should know is Never mistake my kindness for weakness.

What does being published on mean to you?

I will never give up on my story helping others that may be suffering in silence.

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